The Music of Love

Written by: Patrick Maitland

Music drifting through the home, not very loud
Soaring to the sky above a cloud.
Floating and turning so effortlessly
Creating a bond between you and me.

Your eyes dance to its romantic beat
And my heart prances, as if it had feet.
Our bodies draw close, then they touch
Music lights the flame of love so much

The world is full of music, if we will only listen.
The sparkle from a dewdrop glistens.
It brightens our joy. It dances with the light.
It fills our mind with a throbbing delight.

The rustle of leaves is a soft melody
Humming affection, between you and me.
Whenever the brown of the autumn corn
Wafts through the air, a new song is born.

When you are in love, music is everywhere
For it bonds two people, into just one pair.