Mary's Poem

Written by: Breeann Mahoney

                I saw you by the pool today              
                you said you had cancer
                that it was taking your life
                I didn't know what to say
                I was totally shocked,
                I was totally blown away.

                When you left to go inside,
                I hung my head I began to cry.   
                My heart was breaking
                I felt awful inside cause,
                I had been tripping
                over my pride.

                I was so stupid,
                to blind to see
                what a friend
                you were to me.

                Mary, I wrote you this poem
                to tell you that you will be
                missed dearly and,in my 
                heart and, in my prayers
                is where I'll remember and, 
                keep you through the years.
                God's plans are bigger then 
                us as we all know but, that
                still doesn't make it any easier
                to go.
                Mary, you know that you won't
                be alone, for your love Carlos                 
                will be right by your side holding
                your hand, as you both walk
                together into God's promiseland
                Heaven. Thank you Mary, for being
                my friend.