Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

Like the clown that paints his face and smiles at people, that's the way that my life is. Like the clown that goes through life always smiling, always pretending. that's the way that my life is. For the people he always puts on a happy face, but his heart is crying inside. many people see him. Many people admire him, but what do they know of what is in his soul. The people like him and the people admire him and they yell - Clown, Clown. He turns around with his painted face, does a trick, or two and the people are happy. He keeps on walking, smiling and making the people happy. But nobody knows what he is feeling inside. That is the way a clown makes his living. You would ask me - Why do I compare myself to a clown? I will tell you, that in the morning when I get up, I put on my clown's face, because mine the people might not like. It would be marked with sadness and scars from the hard blows that life has brought me. With my painted face, I can keep on smiling and greeting the people. No one can see any deeper. Even if my heart is suffering inside, on the outside I will always be smiling. Clown, how can I not comprehend you, when our lives are so alike. We can see eachother in the same mirror. Clown, this is the way my life will go on. I can not stop it, nor can I change it. I will keep on smiling and pretending, because a clown has to make the people happy... Copyright: 2006 By Lucilla M. Carrillo