Smile on your cheeks

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

Smile on your cheeks 

If you read this poem,
don't let me know,
'cause this one is for me,
and no one else to see.

who are reading now ,
I see you smiling,
your smile seems to be happy
I can hear your laughter,
almost hear  the sound of your voice,
even though,
eyes are telling me,
you cry from time to time.

you are the smile,
and smiling right now,
while reading this very poem,
you smile like a sunshiny day,
like children's laughter of happiness,
smile from your cheeks,
brings hope to those who are  sick,

If you read this poem,
please don't let me know,
'cause it's mine, belongs to me....
that is the reason I have wrote it in the first place,
now that's all I have
to give as a gift,
to you......with all my love
for giving me the best gift ever,
your magical  smile,
and, again,
 I owe you big one,
'cause you are giving  me more then I can give back.