Unspoken words

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

Unspoken words

Forgive me my darling,
for every spoken,
and unspoken word too,
those words we have told to each other
and those we kept quiet,
to our self's
Forgive me,
my love,
for every look I have gave to another man,
trying to recognize your face,

Forgive me my love
for all those borders,
we crossed over,
for those that,
are waiting to be crossed too.

Forgive me my love,
quiet moments, 
we made to last forever,
those that last longer then ever,

Forget this boring rain,
and raindrops hiding tears, 
turn around,they 
are calling your name,
let unspoken words to be free,
let them find place in our memories,

Forgive me my love,
I couldn't  let you,
hear my shake voice,
long look that will tell our secrets to all,
forgive me and stop looking at me the way you do,
those who are looking at us,
will know,
that we're in love
when in fact we're not.