Your Opinions

Written by: Franklin Goode

Your Opinions!

He said what was on this mind. And believe it or not, I really didn’t mine.  It was his opinion. Hopefully he will respect mine, when I disagree with his.

Opinions! What are they really? Dreams. Mysteries, Facts? Probably none of that. I am told to love my neighbor regardless of their opinion. I wonder, what is their opinion of me? Really?   Not really!

Is their any value in opinions? Who invented opinion? Who has the most opinion? Would it be the politicians? Certainly not I, because I sometimes lie. Umm!  Is it a sin to have an opinion?  Guess I am not going to heaven…

I tried to be exempt from opinions. But they always catch up with me. Are they free?  If opinions were for sale, would you buy one? Do they come in blue, suede, or size 13? 

My opinion is, “Its okay to have an opinion, so long as you don’t become opinionated”. 

Dr. “G”