Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

A dream vacation, time alone,
One boat ride to isolation,
Solace Island, my stress free zone, 
A week of true relaxation.
I’m left on a long beach of white,
But a morning haze clouds the sight.
All is still, save the turquoise sea,
Someone has left a gift for me,
A long gone child, summer’s artist,
Has bequeathed a shy fantasy...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

Here there’ll be no T.V. or phone,
I’m far from civilization,
The cabin’s old but has good bones,
and set in a prime location.
Time ticks on, the tide brings its bite,
While I walk the shore, welcome night,
Waves swallow turrets, so cruelly,
And walls crumble, become debris, 
As the sun sets, I can not resist
sighing for its untold story...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

Dawn arrives and the seagulls drone,
I dress with much jubilation, 
My camera says do not postpone
Rising – now- to the occasion.
Oh, this place casts its sweet invite
with tender breeze and foggy light, 
The plan’s to capture all I see
of this nature sanctuary.
I step outside and my head twists,
It yet stands, whole, destruction free... 
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

I kneel before its abalone
path and sea glass decoration,
small handprints on a wee throne 
tell me of a coronation.
Fine grains wink as the day turns bright,
The tale does not end, but rewrites
its pretty mote and towers three
and slowly builds a mystery
that won’t easily be dismissed,
Murmuring of veiled company...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

I was completely on my own,
And ruled by imagination,
But for seven days I was shown
an innocent re-creation.
I heard giggles, their source unknown,
And the cabin door was impolite,
Opening in the dead of night.
Shells would be arranged, carefully,
As though for a doll’s tea party.
I called out, please, let me assist,
But my isle mate hid so bashfully...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

I went home to normalcy,
Researched Solace’s history,
A young girl had drowned, ocean kissed,
And there she plays, eternally...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

For Gail's Sandcastle Contest
By Cyndi MacMillan, May 14, 2012

*Solely a work of imagination. There is no Solace Island, but islands are available to rent.