Armageddon for Liars

Written by: Carolyn Devonshire

Chalithra looks down upon Earth’s ills poverty, homelessness, starvation, war she sees Earthlings as half spirit and half beast sprawling her mighty wings, she draws her sword one stroke of her blade cuts the planet in two truthful souls on one part, liars on the next Chalithra’s long platinum hair shields her tears her human side wants liars to soar hopelessly through space but the angel in her knows that Judgment Day will come she raises her armored chest to the heavens then bows down upon her knees offering prayers for peace and harmony her petitions make their way to the Master’s ear she watches as Earth becomes whole once more and she knows how she will spend her days one-by-one she battles those who spread falsehood knowing only the Master can bring peace, prosperity but determined to save those who tell only truth
*Written for Tracie’s “Welcome to the World of Fantasy” contest Chalithra is half human and half angel and she fights for truth