Igor the Ogre

Written by: Carolyn Devonshire

humans spotted, Igor hides ‘neath his bridge with watchful eyes, the bridge sees them pass “It’s safe,” she murmurs to Igor leaving the bridge’s safe retreat Igor knows his foes will be heading back “May I?” he asks the might oak “Let my branches carry you to safety,” the centuries-old oak responds, “I am strong; I will not break. Let my manly arms surround you.” torch lights borne by villagers approach again but the oak protects Igor, swinging its arms in the wind making it too dangerous for them to find Igor hidden he remains in this shaky loft caressing the oak’s arms in gratitude until the bridge whispers, “It’s safe to return home.” villagers' lights fade in the distance as Igor regrets being born an ogre with only a tree and a bridge to love
For the Fairy Tales Contest *Personification in the tree and the bridge