my old mother

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

Don't be afraid,
my little old mother,
worried about me,
all the time,
being all alone in this strange world,
not having a friend to lean on,
when I am scared
or crying quietly in my heart,
not having you as I use to,
your love is all I need,

to walk me through my misery,
through my life.

My little old mother
don't worry, and
don't wait for me to long,
I'm not  ready, not yet,
'cause I live in a promised land,
full of dreams, and
my dreams are waiting for me,
to live them,
'cause I might die
if I don't reach them

So please, my dearest mother,
be patient with me,
and don't worry to much,
don't cry I am still alive,
and I promise you,
I'll be back to see you
at list one more time,
before I die.

In mean time write those long letters,
write to me what is new, and who died,
if someone ask about me,
or did they already forget about me,
write me what do you cook and how grampa is doing lately,
write me if my old love still is waiting for me,
or did he get  married and got his first child.

Write me my dear mother, 'cause I would love to know,
and don't you worry to much about me,
I will be back to see you one more time before I die,
I promise you that.