Politically Correct

Written by: Robert Ball

It’s hard to say anything politically incorrect in the USA.
The people who are struggling don’t really have a say.
They march in the streets to protest against corporate America.
The establishment is the ones in control; they are in the driver’s seat ignoring the Rah’ Rah’

This government is supposed to be of the people, for the people.
It’s all in our voting process with the results of Gore vs. Bush we should see this ripple.
We have a constitution that is being attacked every day from all sides.
Corrupted elected officials, lobbyists, are not even trying to hide.

Insulting in every way anyone with a brain should know what’s right.
Well as people trying to survive in this world should hold our officials accountable yet we don’t and we aren’t too bright.
The people of this nation should get out and use there right to vote.
Then the rich will see and the accountability we held on to, they’ll at least take note.

Revolution in voting is what we need, stopping the rich’s agenda is what we need to do and keep the news straight and be honest with the public.
A free nation has this right to know, have the power in voting, we can be honest with this subject.
Firstly the rich protect the rich caring not what the poor mans agenda is or what the poor man thinks.
If we as people allow this and not stand in force against this we’ll allow them to take us to the brink.

Violence, rioting, causing harm to others never is right; it brings a lot of hurt.
Voting, doing the morally right thing will bring about change and prevent us from loosing our shirts.
Our children need education, morals put back in our schools.
To not do this we allow the politically correct people to pass their agenda and we would be a complete bunch of fools.

Our Father is the key here; our values in the home, our morals are being corrupted by a few.
Studying the Holy Bible, we can’t say that the Father never taught us, and we can’t say we never knew.
So brethren on this upcoming election ask the Father which way to vote, let God’s love for you quite your thoughts.
Remember that Jesus died for us and for our sins, His crucifixion was necessary, with His life He paid for what we got.