How very often, we miscalculate things

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

How Very Often We Miscalculate Things
How very often, we miscalculate things, How very often our fear spoils everything, How often, we predict too heavy rains, Which would wipe away all our living dreams, But find soon that the rains brought only, Rainbows, colors and pleasing winds, It came only to refresh our mind and heart, Not to take away our treasures and our dreams. Fear sometime comes, when we are even strong enough, But often it comes, when we are weak in our preparations, It often comes, when we doubt everything and everyone, Fear takes us away even when, the spring is in full bloom, And often it detract us to hear some melodious tunes and songs, And keep us repeating only the lines, we have sung. It often force us not to inhale and breathe properly, The pleasing fragrance coming with the cool gush of wind, Fear compel the dictators, to even lock the air, As the wind may be coming, not from their planned direction. How often it compels and motivates us, Not to open, the new doors and windows, As the new wind may refresh or spoil the mind, And it may touch and influence, the soul in peace, With the lofty smells and thoughts, preserved in the mind, How very often we miscalculate things, How very often our fear spoils everything. Ravindra Kanpur India 13th May 2012/center>