Precipice of Tme

Written by: Amy Green

Stand I here upon the Precipice of Time
between madness and derangement-
In a grief so profound
ambiance of rage,
with darkening clouds abound
marring my every breath
Declaration to  your joy unsound.

Yet- from this stance
I envision you, my perfect
seraphim of light-
aching for you 
Ceaselessly grasping for that which
I have no chance.
Grasping – bent in half 
My corrupt nature defies
All I hold sacred and true-

You need know 
My soul rages in disparity-
Immortally, hourly, minutely, secondly…
I cry.
The Dragon’s shadow awaits me.

Shapes, wraithlike and laughing-
clawing… dragging…shadows
eerily baffling.
Veiled obscurity- most refuse to see
This sickening reality
Tis only righteous- to set you free…
Paled I am by another’s word- 
his creed, I  allowed this blasphemy 
Unable, enable, culpable-
Guilty, frailty, unreality, liable.
Covet, yearn, anticipation- keen ambition
overshadows  any austere regulation-

We two do stand upon this Precipice of time
My love stands as most depraved of crimes-
Stolen and deceived- Options extinct
Surrender is an unnatural ailment for me.

- dedicated to my Seraphim