Immigrants Condition

Written by: L'nass Shango

To rent a room, do you know how much I pay
Without social security and bank statement
It is more than I earn for cutting grass and hay
More than can build a new apartment
For this one is broken down
The cockroaches crawl night and day
The ceiling too is hanging down
The floor has worn to callous clay

In summer there is no air, and winter no heat
I have no right, he can report me
If a human request, because of the children, repeat
He tells me to go back to my country
Did he ever confessed he brought me here, did he
He tell them there's nothing back there
For all the wealth so familiar here, has a history
After the traffic my country is bare

I left when room in summer to keep out of the rain
Another one in winter that gave
My wife a cough and fever with her rheumatic pain
We are like modern slave
Hated and abused, but no one will do the jobs we do
Who have no voice and have no vote
Who the shadowy officials stalk and stalk, and out of view
We pay to run, they collect and gloat.