Unzipped Lips

Written by: Jodie Williams

Meet me at the same place
Just for one last time
There's nothing left to lose now
For you were never mine
I tried to speak the words
I was to terrified to say
Seems I was right to fear
You've already turned away
You knew that I'd be angry 
Disallowed me to react
Responding to the fiction
Without hearing the fact
And if I really know you
I know when you chose to walk
You left a space wide open
To encourage me to talk
So I spoke the words I promised
That would never never my mouth
Because I believe that closure
Shouldn't hold a trace of doubt
I wanted you to know that
Every 'Love Ya' that I wrote
Was just some smoke and mirrors
For the real words gripped my throat
But now there's no prevention
The worst already walked through
I'm not afraid to tell you now
I think I've always loved you.

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