Written by: Yolanda Jones

this perfect unforgettable incident occurred during the summer I'd turned four years old kneeling awaiting the four o'clock flowers to open and close again I expressed this sudden experience as the outward action why in my tiny soul this truly meant during four o'clock
mass Mary appears as she takes the flowers breath away a simple sigh just for a small unseen moment
why seen only by the naked eyes of the innocent bystander awaiting her arrival I would feel so serene afterwards keeping my eyes apon the flowery vines the sun would
shine so bright as the image of 
mary appeared every time sometimes she'd be weeping other times she would just hover above me with an enchanting smile of pure pleasure watching a child understand the meaning of the outward action she would sometimes gesture towards the father the holy spirit the presence of fire burning just beneath my breast bone I'd always kneel weeping afterwards virtue had taken away all of my fearful inquires