Right To Love

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

What would my world be 
if not allowed to love what I see?

Who are you to judge
what I am allowed to prejudge?

My gay friend is not allowed to love
it is emotional racism,an emotional boxing glove

I will lead my gay friend into tomorrow
where love rules,free from a yesterday of sorrow

My only judge mental religion
Is my very heart,filled with love,a shining pigeon

What is the difference of saying; "white only" 
vs "heterosexuals only"? My church may end up lonely..

May 12th 2012

Think most of us grew up with a friend or knowing somebody being gay/lesbian.In these modern times we know people don`t choose their sexual orientation.A great friend from back in schooldays nearly committed suicide because his gay orientation didn`t allow him to live an acceptable life.I greet these changes we now see as yet another step in the direction of respect and tolerance.A new beginning for the civilization:-)