God Gave Us His Plan

Written by: David William Breidenthal

We all are glad that we had the strength to fulfill~ His glorifying plan~ Of formulating a Sabbath dinner~ In a spic and span manner~ I admire the fact that He Himself made this night a bountiful night~ He is joyous to see us build up godly knowledge and skill In our gracious, jubilant talk~ Of sharing scriptures, explaining the Words, admiring God's blessings...~ And simply relaxing...enjoying our festive dinner!~ I appreciate that you all made this night a hopeful, splendid night~ Is this night a taste of God's Kingdom?~ 'cause this night is so priceless!~ Is this night a sign of God's heavenly plans?~ 'cause You boosted up my happiness~ ~~~~Thank You, Father - You clothed us with Your Holy Spirit~~~~ ~~~Thank you for bringing us all together as a family~~~ ~~Thank You for giving us a Day of Rest, GOD!~~ ~I want to thank you for granting us Your superb plan!~