cage of the rosary

Written by: Anthony Slausen

gravity is a cage, welded by god?
to confine greed and selfish curiosities
restrain this plague called us...
we should be allowed to float about
spread out
ingest life from deep space eyes
lonely orbs to colonize
come with war or stay in peace
follow a rainbow to its end
bend time around our wishes
sleep in the seams of space
offer a rosary to another race...
and pray their hearts are different...

the skull suffocates the brain
keeps us from knowing everything
(our truest destiny)
it should be allowed to drift about
like a red storm cloud
sniff god out
figure out 
every single mystery
travel at the speed of mind
ingest today and times gone by
feed all there is to feed
see all there is to see
keep one brain cell ahead of universal contraction,
our collapsing cage of solitary confinement