No Peace

Written by: Richard Palmer

The community is quiet, everywhere is cool, 
People going about  their business, children  going to school,
 The community has regain some sort of normality,
After months of gang related shootings and criminal activities
A fish-fry or bar-b-cue  here, a party there,
We love fuljoying our lives, hate living in fear,
Love to move around freely, without being scared,
Without seeing two men approaching and you don't feel weird,
Months, since someone has been killed,
Relaxation, peace of mind, a dash of tranquil,
Fingers cross, prayers daily,please let this peace reign,
But in every community there is a pernicious set,
An incurable set. a set that only breeds havoc and death,
Empty minds, consumed by a dark, demonic de-mention,
Their joy is to prey on the innocent,
And while the community is planning upliftment,
They are planning death,
And when all seems well, shots ring out,
Community news travels fast,"dem shoot a man up di road",
A sulky feelings hits you first, then fear chips in,
War again, no peace...