Written by: Fisayo Aderounmu

Oh! Memories so nostalgia
No! I've not announced your death 
It's your deeds
Not your elegy 
It's your eulogy
I can't wait to stand by your casket 
To say this to your carcase
When I can stand 
And speak from my closet
Not till your eyes and ears 
Are closed in death
Not till your nostrils are stopped 
From this good omen 
And your tongue is stocked 
From having a taste of this offering

Not till you're planted 
Like a seed that will never grow 
Again for me to eat of its fruit 
And drink of its wine
Not till I go about with bald head
When I can speak now 
And be heard without white beards
Not till you grow wings and fly away 
Beyond the shores of the clouds
Mum. I'll never cease to sing this song;
It's your heart there I know is safe
Saver than the cave
Sweet mother my sweet heart 
The heart of my heart
You hatched the egg of my life
The greatest gift I can ever give to you 
That is to give my heart to Christ.
Dedicated to V.A Aderounmu.
© Fisayo  Aderounmu.2012