Tender Trail at Twilight

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

Twin sweethearts melted into 
one, as soft skins swirled,
The Stars sparkled while our 
sensual senses soared to the 
Drenched, we drowned in  the 
depth of a delightful dream,
dancing to a duel duet -- the 
drums of doped desire at dusk.

We wielded wetness from the 
womb of wildest wishes;
walking in the worlds of 
wonders, wooing warmth;
only to resume to the 
realms of reality... raindrops of 
we relished the rarest rays of 
the twilight's

Filled with the freshest of feeling 
under the fountain of fire,
nursing a nude nature; nuturing 
a nifty need at night...
till a yellow moon in a 
white morn mutters melodious 
to two sensual souls 
soaked in a speechless sensation.

We swam in the stream of 
O, what a magnetic moonlight 
on a sweet night!