Traversing The Lucky Country

Written by: Terance Chan

Exploring the suburbs at Melbourne
Glad are the late nights’ burnt

Bustling Bourke Street Mall
Epitome of a retail therapy’s call

The archaic Flinder’s Station
Scheduling warrants attention

Cho-chooing to Sydney
Never costs a kidney

The surmountable Clothes Hanger
Climbing it is not a head-banger

The romantic Sydney harbour
Releases lovers’ masquerade and cover

The stunning Opera House
Pit stop onwards to the south

The flora of the Botanical Garden
Seemingly children running at kindergarten 

The national parks of Wollongong
Hitting the musical notes of the gong

Rekindling memories of Bosman’s Bay
Is a paradise comes what may

Forgoing the isle of Tasmania
That would be the fear of Cradle Mountain mania

In the southern city of Hobart
Where we could relish a tart

Sailing off to Perth
That was never my berth

Discovering the untouched Fremantle
Goes to show an adventurer’s mantle

Diving the Great Barrier Reef
Provides a temporary relief

Coasting the white beaches of Gold Coast
The locals are but good hosts 

Annihilated by the waves of the Pacific
Almost make thee panic

Crisscrossing the plains of Adelaide
Part of the best plans’ laid

Allure of the Red Centre
Australia’s stunning epicentre

In the midst of a red desert
Harbour hopes to return and not divert

Discovering the monumental Alice
Go head to head with some malice

Sailing across Katherine’s Gorge
The fissures is a sight to watch

The northern tip of Darwin
Just like the pinnacle wanting to win

Ode to the Northern Territory
A journey of national geographic really

Viva the land of Oz
Paradise and grandiose she was