Looking Back

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                               The last poem, I will ever write,
                                               will be on a dark and lonely night,
                                               I will be alone in my water bed,
                                               thoughts of yesterday in my head;
                                               I'll be thinking of my life as a child,
                                               Living my whole life meek and mild,
                                               I've had some loves and I have lost,
                                               I paid the price, absorbed the cost.
                                               then I'll think about my mom and dad,
                                               the best parents a man could have had,
                                               knowing that they always did their best,
                                               but I had surely put them to the test.
                                               my life will be gone as I have known it,
                                               I've done my best I haven't blown it,
                                               I hope that God will accept my heart,
                                               not hell but heaven, let me be a part.