Written by: Martin Hernandez

This is for all time has taken to the past.
This is for the thoughts, the dreams that made this path as long as it is.

For you and me. This is our time. Our day.
Believe it or not, if silence could scream as loud as the voices in my head,
time and silence would be as great as life it self.

But it is not. 
This moment it is as undefined as life is.
It all seems not real. 
Something changed while in the process.

Tonight we are going back.
As undefined as everything is... we are falling back.
Believe me or no tonight, it is all about survival.
It is about you and me.

Why? I don't know. All I know is we are,
where we should be.
What we need to be, 
A grain of sand. 
We are taking place, in the shadows of the past.