A Couple in Love

Written by: Jevaun Walker

She smiles and my world comes alive, 
We kiss and everything feels right,
Feeling like I'm in a movie acted out live,
Wanting to be with you every day and night,
Her long hair flows just perfect about her face,
Her sweet lips make candies taste fresh,
Filling my life with grace, like I’m in outer space,
Can't keep my love in a cage covered in mesh,
Never ever felt this way before,
But I guess there's always a first,
Don't really want to hurt no more,
So I stay with u and your love will quench my thirst,
Teenage sweethearts fell for each other in love non-fiction,
And we pick ourselves up and together we walk,
Down the road of love when we both don’t know the direction,
But yet still we hug, kiss, laugh and talk......