tribute to new love skin deep

Written by: danielle lewis

 Pierced through your exterior! Ur jagged edges, this hardness... your defense! But I see u... skin deep! My ability is to bring u to the surface! There is no going through, over, under or around me! Time delivers all to me ready to serve ready or not. But this vision I see in you revitalizing... with u I'd do life gladly.  No cuffs or bar's, just complete surrender. Me... holding u down like weight when the storm rages, being your light during difficult phases, daddy I'm your biggest fan! Daily standing ovations magnified times ten.  I see you when others turn u away and stray, oblivious to your gift! I'm praising God for the day's blessings... our love resurrection! I see in you as the truth! Strength and knowledge.  Never hide your flaws from me because they're our tribulations to triumph to greater things, and I never judge! Better half... let me lend u my ears, mouth closed, heart open! Feed me food for thought I heed your instructions!  Your submissive goddess! Our covenant righteous as the rainbow of Noah! INFINITE.  In you I see your love for me clearly in each step u take, and every move u make! U representative of me! Of this groove theory! This remedy! Our rhythm a heavenly melody! Ur seed, my womb, my vow to do life with u! flesh rose from the dirt! But in my eye's! I see u perfectly... skin deep! Created me! Woman from along side of thee! Me.. this poem... my dream, still waiting for you to free me! But needing you to see me skin deep.