Aneath The Blood Red Moon

Written by: John Rhinem

She dreamed in passion so I took this paint and splashed it about silent panes....

Howling at the sun; turning, back to find her beauty pleasantly unclothed; smiling

As touching herself and, knowing; kicking the chair out of the way while crossing

Crystal's room; smashing times lamp unto the floor; pulling her into these burning  

Arms spinning amid joyful laughter; lowering her splendour atop the table; digging

Her nails into my back as I squeezed tightly her delicate, firm breast; spreading her

Wanting vanilla thighs; biting deeply her sweet neck; blood, beginning its ecstasies  

Course then she screamed, as I thrust; cherished this our moment when, Elizabeth 

Walked in; returning unto the three of us again; waiting on a star; anticipation.... 

Linda hungrily laying her back; ravishing, her soft ebony silkened flesh; loves taste 


...."While She Cried In Still Framed Colours, 'Aneath The Blood Red Moon'" *