Little Girl, Dedicated to my niece

Written by: Hannah Croy

  Little girl at six years old,
She's having problems with herself.
  She looks at the ground and says she's fine,
But you can tell she's hurting when she can't even look in the eye
  Of someone else.

  Little girl don't you get tired,
Of staring at your feet?
  You're beautiful and I admire,
How you stay so strong each & every day of the week.

  Though fists and violence bring the past its just too much to bare,
Make you flench and soon you feel you wanna give up
  All that you have left to spare.

  Though hurtful words make your 
Heart shatter.
  You somehow manage to get through the rough,
When my day goes bad and i need some sunshine,
  Your smile is always more than enough.

  I don't wanna cry,
But I see beyond your mask,
  I see the pain you hide inside.

  I don't wanna cry,
 Cuz I should be the one wiping tears from your eyes.

  So here wil be no tears,
Escaping from my eyes.

  I'm imprisoned with the sound of your voice,
Young and brave with a broken heart,
  You want to be happy but they never gave you the choice.

  Though pills and drugs are all you see,
You keep yourself away.
  You don't wanna go down mommys path,
But truthfully you just want her to find your path and stay.

  Little girl i bet you didn't know,
That I went through the same. 
  And when I look back at me,
I see you in a way.

  And it's okay to cry,
I'll be there to dry ever tear from your eyes.

  You don't have to hide,
I know the pain you feel inside.
  And I promise I'll be your crutch,
Until you can walk on your own.
  I'll be the arms wrapped around you,
If ever you were to fall.
  And I promise,
You'll never be alone.

  Little girl don't you get tired,
Of staring at your feet?
  Open your pretty eyes and admire,
The beautiful world around you,
  That before you didn't see.