Spring Sensations

Written by: Antony Norcliffe

Spring Sensations by Antony Norcliffe 13 April 2012

And so on to spring the equinox said
Earths Axis tilts over from black in to red.
Throw forward your clocks and take heed of the soil
Sour Cherries and Gardenia are starting to boil.

Roll away the grey blanket the equinox spoke
Let’s cover this place in a colourful cloak
The colours of the rainbow drape over the land
Removing the cold and crisp winter’s hand. 

Take time to breathe deep the equinox said
Let the beautiful textures play through your head
The smell of the dew on the first day of spring
The touch of the grass and to hear the birds sing.

Here’s to longer days the equinox cried
New born creatures abound and fill farmers with pride.
The starlings and blackbirds return from overseas
Building new nests in the tallest of trees.

Time to open eyes wide the equinox said
 Watch the ice melt away from the frozen river bed
The rivers and streams gurgle from dusk till dawn 
Icicles drip down splashing lilies and frogspawn.

Raise your arms to the heavens the equinox put forth
Feel those showers on your skin as its April of course
With the sun on your back and the wind in your face 
Its time for the farmer to plant crops with all haste.

And so my work is done the equinox sighed
I have created a land that fills me with pride
Nature never rests and a new conductor is near 
Almost time for summer and the Solstice to appear.