Somewhere Past Surreal

Written by: Michael Smith

"Our song" obsesses, somewhere past surreal As a wayward shadow's breeze breaks free And light enters thoughts, overtakes “without you daze” Where, everywhere your essence spills Drops of breaths upon my skin as pianos begin to play I feel the air of specter’s dance The ballad's passion luring ghosts from long ago With bitter sweet melodies of elixir's tears The drops of, "where did our forevers go?" And lyrics start to drag me down love’s forgotten roads A smokey, sultry voice accentuates simple yesteryears Before, left unsaid words, that made you go away I fight not to see the sunrise reflecting morning eyes Your endless smiles, walk again beside And mend this fragile heart, if only for today Somewhere past surreal shudders with... Awakenings by the apparition's shattering kiss Sending the tides of song receding into a now silent mist Where the yearning unrestrained, strives to linger on... within the obsessing reminisce