Written by: Yolanda Jones

during the quiet calm 
of serene panting
beneath saint Cecilia's tomb
i'd began to wander
about stone structures
captured in sorted monuments
one would nestle so tranquil 
throughout sudden raptures
gathered about Di Vatican's scrolls
tainted with forgotten truths 
of mortified mystery 
and gentle grievances

reaping beholding the just 
of twilight laughter
a broken chalice 
opening a wooden door

of surviving Florence 
in nineteen forty three
karma arises behind 
uncovered ashes
hindering the brutal
mindful beings clinging
to forgiveness needing naught 
for chastising the greedy 

accordingly upright 
and slow to righteousness 
a graveness thought of 
only above hamburgs promise

feeding a whisper as we weep so
for the souls of the silent beings