If you were my Valentine

Written by: Renae Reynolds

If you were my "Valentine" 
imagine how life could be. 
The sweetest and the neatest things, 
throughout our life you'd see. 

We'd wake up every morning 
in each others arms we'd be. 
Eye to eye, and heart to heart, 
as love birds tenderly. 

We'd spend our days through work and play, 
at one another's side. 
Ever mindful always knowing, 
no secrets there'd be to hide. 

Love would be our binding strength, 
built on loyality, trust, and faith. 
Filled with happiness and harmony, 
apparent on our face. 

On through the years our love would grow, 
ever ageless, true, and deep. 
For those who mattered, and those who cared, 
would see, how each other we complete. 

Breaks in life being what they may, 
I'll leave nothing to chance; 
And ask you now from bended knee 

To Waltz with me through the end of days 
in loving True Romance?!