Written by: Renae Reynolds

All the stars in the sky, 
have fallen from above, 
And rained down upon my world, 
as broken pieces of love. 

Here a piece, there a piece, 
all about they be. 
Like hope, faith, and happiness, 
just broken parts of me. 

I had a love once-true and strong, 
up high my heart it held. 
For what reasons, I know not why, 
away from me it fell. 

So long it's been since last I heard, 
words assuring love's not lost. 
I fear the worst my universe, 
to the "Nothingness" is tossed 

If it is to be that way, 
how sad I'll truely be. 
For that "Love" within my heart, 
is truely the only "Love" for me. 

Yes, I suppose I will survive, 
somehow I always do. 
But the happiness I thought we had, 
must not have been, meant to have with you. 

For a time, I was complete. 
This love had made me whole. 
Now I stand in "Nothingness" 
with broken heart and soul.