Written by: Renae Reynolds

Some people cry and some people die, 
try the wicked ways of love 
But I just keep blundering on, 
by the grace of what love once was. 

Every since the very first 
I fell in love with you 
In my heart you are the one 
By"God" I know it's true 

Then why my dear,does it take so long 
for me to hear from you? 
What occupies your time so much 
To keep thoughts of me from you? 

I don't know if all that's true 
but I can tell you this... 
Each passing day I don't hear from you 
Just brings deeper lonliness. 

My heart would break, yes it could 
No, I can't let that be. 
But your sweet words can "restore the faith" 
in this love between you and me... 

So write me soon my sweet love, 
or consequences there will be 
A broken heart I'll surely have 
attributed all to thee.