Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 19

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Incineration of Love God Madan (Cupid) 19
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994. The work was written in Hindi somewhere around 1965-70.

Editing and English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Hindi Title  ‘Madan Dahan’ 19

The Turning Point

Fascinated by the sinner,
Man would be more demoralized,
To such an extent, that he,
Would destroy his own race one day.

Why not I should burn him,
Hypnotically to save the mankind,
From the curse of passion,
That shall annihilate it sooner or later.

The sight of nature's beauty,
Created by delusion of Cupid,
Had robbed, his eyes power of destruction,
By the charms of intoxication.

Kanpur India 10th May 2012
To continue…

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