The Baywatcher

Written by: Dylan Wong

Her hair trembles
In the breeze, carried away
My friend, she sits there every 
Through the window, ocean bay
Black hair in a ponytail
In her small hands a turquoise 
So blue is the sky
It is joyful energy
Just as waves move
In kinesis. Sand bitten, seas 
A luscious sandwich meal!
Thoughts chewed along the 
Just as she bites her lips
While sitting by the window sill
Does she see her father, still
Swimming in the sea?
Like he told her once before
In water, man is truly free
She's not a swimmer, my friend
So don't close the window
She likes to sit by there
And watch the ocean style
The beach; in sine
Till her damaged thoughts align
And she can turn around, and 
And be my friend once more

For tonight's a stormy night
She'll close her eyes
When others fall asleep
That's when she cries
And I'll lead her, hand in hand
To the window sill
Sit by her and watch the seas
Until the tears don't spill
Desperate to lose herself
She'll watch the waves
Let the water wash the pain
I know I'll never stave