The conversation

Written by: Shahana Jackson

How are you? 
" I'm fine"
"That's good to hear"
"So how was your day" 
"It was cool. I'm exhausted"
"Yea me too I can't wait for summer"
" Yeah me either. You look pretty."
" Thanks so do you"
" It been a while since we've talked"
" I saw you yesterday"
" I know but we didn't speak"
" Are you gonna get all dramatic on me?
   You know I've been busy"
" Yeah busy with her"
" No busy with me. Can't you accept
  the fact that I'm happy now?" our
" You know I will never accept that"
" See selfish as always. You only care about you"
" Once upon a time I cared about you too"
" And were done now so why even bring it up?"
" Because I still love you"
" Come now give that up were done"
" Fine than but I don't wanna be friends"
" See that there that's messed up."
" Its not. I need to get busy too with me.
   and I need to let go of us for good.
   you see we cannot be friends in order
   for me to do that" 
" Your breaking my heart saying this you know?"
" I know but we will always have our memories"
" Nope you can keep those also"
"You will never forget me no matter how badly you
try so save that act for someone who doesn't know" 
" Good Bye"