Inside Me

Written by: danielle lewis

 Sweet dreams producing Ice Cream underneath satisfying sheets, seeing you through the eye's of my mind I can pull you inside me.  This Love Matrix, flexible Love Jones, happy faces and vertical joy rides, oh me... oh my! You feel so good inside my mind.  Hands clinched, sweat pouring, uncontrollable multiples, walls squeezing you like a hug, voices ( RINGING OUT LIKE THUNDER!!!).  Beautiful death take me now so I may awaken to the rising of the sun slightly!  Purples Skies... Candles still glowing on our brown skin, I can't tell where yours begin and I can't tell where mines end. New day trickery and he's asleep! My mouthy retreat to be an alarm clock, wetter then Lake Michigan.  Every lick skillfully teasing, now latched on, time for the pleasing. 
  Look at me as I feed! power in my skills, stiffness in his magic stick, I'm going deeper aiming for thirst quenching elixir. Wait... hold your escape, new route I want to taste.  Straddling your anaconda instantly my levy breaks, sweet milk all over the place! You say in dominance who said that you could release now my demand is for you to clean this up, and in submission I am eager to love his lust, as he watches me I am eager to make him BUST! Quickly turning me out, under AND over, but I like it from behind where the claps from the slaps lie, blowing my mind.  I feel like an ovation, clap clap clap, erotic potion stirring, work that that that!  Explosive Like TNT... Squirting hot like lava making you put a hurting on me!
Long back strokes like an Olympic swimmer wanting a gold medal and retire! Unbelievable enough I take you higher wanting every drip drop til it's gone. Yet the sensitivity in you got me feeling like the head beauty in the beast that I am! Inside me... these dreams got me feeling like a freak, must change the sheets.... now back to reality shaken from a dream!