Basic Fun

Written by: Danielle Wise Baxter

Time has changed my life in many ways I never eat fast food, yet seek out a quiet place but, the best date I have had in many years was the fun and laughs from a Happy Meal holding hands with a man who's love is real
I have never been a person who likes fast food. I like restaurants with service and real napkins. lol I had 4 children so I did my time at burger and taco joints. My favorite restaurant is Logan's steak house, but I asked to go to McDonald's for lunch. I was starving and did not want to wait or the service. When we went in my heart melted, there was a 80 ish year old couple having lunch playing checkers. They come everyday I was told. It was so sweet and made me appreciate the basics of love more. Maybe we all forget, how to have simple fun and not worry about the quality. Maybe the quality is the one we love not where they take us or how much we spend. Best burger in a long time. I bet I couldn't throw fries at Logan's lol Sorry I tend to share memories like this.