Under Pressure

Written by: Tom Higgins

Here stands a man who's just about to blow a gasket,
he has far too much washing in his basket,
he never asked for such a load,
and he feels it's time to hit the road,
before he does something he regrets,
I wouldn't be placing any bets,
on him sticking around for much longer,
the feelings inside him are growing stronger,
by the second, by the minute,
he really feels he's landed in it.
And all because his employment,
takes all his time, negates enjoyment,
he feels that it is sucking him dry,
and he really has the urge to fly,
to get away from his wage slave life,
the daily back watching, for the knife,
that is often stuck into the unwary,
the workplace is becoming very scary.
No loyalty exists there any more,
I think a lot of people know the score.
A numbers game is all it is,
the bottom line, do the biz,
because if you slow down, there are many,
worse off than you, who to make a penny,
they'd gladly jump into your shoes,
and ensure their gain, would mean you lose!