Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                  The bird was flying in the sky,
                                                  he flew low and he flew high,
                                                  do it again another great try,
                                                  round he goes no reason why.

                                                  he went up , then dropped low ,
                                                  then went to and then went fro ,
                                                  he loved to fly, this I know ,
                                                  all over the land he will go.

                                                  he flew the race he had to win,
                                                  round he went again and again ,
                                                  even faster with a tail wind ,
                                                  beating the others with a grin.

                                                  went to the tree and the nest,
                                                  now it is time to get some rest ,
                                                  he knew that he had done his best ,
                                                  his mama said you beat your test.