If Adam and Eve Fell Down On Their Knees

Written by: Terrell Martin

Where does sin begin and end, in the mind 
Or beyond the stars?
Is true love lust, smoke or dust
When felt so near or far?

Is black the lack of white and gray
And what divides high from low?
Where’s the distinction between 
Genius, Ignorance and enlightenment 
And those who think they know?

If Adam and Eve fell down on their knees
Fooled by a wily serpent’s silver forked tongue,
Then God was a fake who made a mistake 	
Leaving mankind on the run.  

If he knew all along what might have gone wrong
And failed to make better plans;
I’d take him to court under police escort 
And sue him for improper demands. 

And if love is war and saints are whores
And beauty’s deceit in disguise,
Then all is lost and death the cause 
Of every miracle before our eyes. 

And if history is real as movies feel 
And facts are made of sand;
Then I believe there’s more to life and death
Than what we’ve been led to understand.  

And if you think you agree, I disagree
With every thought you think I’ve shared 
Because truth is stranger than any belief
Any one of us ever dared.