The Seaside

Written by: Charles Clive

See the summer sun is glowing and the beach is baked with heat. Not a breath of air is blowing on the sand, beneath your feet. This is not a time to swelter, toss your book and pen away. Endless waves, your only shelter; won’t you join us, here, and play? Oh, the joy of being idle and heroically slack. Working hours, quite suicidal, with your cares upon your back. Now, perhaps you’ll stop your tasking, and you’ll come and be with us. We are here, all bathing, basking, swimming ‘naturalibus’! Stop and sit and watch the others, idling now, with nothing planned. Children play with Dads and Mothers, building castles in the sand. May I hope you love this weather and by touching up your tan? As we bask, now, all together, let's enjoy it - whilst we can! ~
For Gail Doyle's 'Castles by the Seashore' Contest by Charles Clive.