The Day I Went Nude

Written by: julie heckman

Today I was feeling rested and ruddy,
And tackled my Westinghouse washer  
With a batch of clothes that were cruddy.
I decided to go nude and I am no josher

Freely I enjoyed the fresh air and muster,
The curtains were drawn and quite closed. 
Later that afternoon I thought I might doze. 
My neighbor walked in, smelling of gin
And I leaped for a towel from my repose.

She started to laugh and I laughed back
Surely I had forgotten our lunch date.
Standing there nude she brought in BigMacs.
So hungry, I was glad she didn't wait.

We ate together and I didn't evaluate.
Somehow the burgers taste better nude,
My neighbor didn't thick it at all crude.
So we laughed and ate while we sat there,
For nudity you couldn't be sued