Lovers of a Storm edited

Written by: steven cooke

Old Friends that say hello
Who share a secret memory?
Away from the road now travelled

This love that hides in your eyes
Betrayed by the glint of a held back tear
This mystic bond that ties us together

And in a stolen moment, over a bottle of wine
 The dream runs free
Dissolving the paths that we now tread

For deep within my soul
A world with an incorruptible sky
Plays host to a lovers imagination

 Where the electricity from her  touch
Gives birth to the storm
Her passion fuelling the Hurricane
Within me

And in the eye of the storm
 Time stands still, 
And our love will reside there
Oblivious to the pain that we cause

 And as I fall back to reality
 In the dying wind I can hear your heartbeat
A whispered beat that calls my name
 Longing for us to start anew

But your Romeo always knew
That dreams were all we had
This Love was always just out of reach

And now I am left to dream of yesterday
Lost in a bottle of wine
Longing for another storm
Longing for another kiss 
And longing to be with you