Joy Cometh

Written by: Franklin Goode

Joy Cometh 

Many believe, Joy comes in the morning, especially on third days. Some say it comes early. I never heard anyone say it comes late. Incredible! That really should bring you Joy.

Joy is a date that brings smiles and certainly tears.  Tears of Joy, what a divine amazement. Joy is not for sale. Can’t be purchased nor taken away.

It’s produced in a special place, not seen by everyone. In order to see it you have to receive it. Joy is like the air we breathe.  It’s all around us.  All one had to do, is inhale Joy. Ummm… The Freshness of Joy.

The sweetness of Joy, pulsates my imagination, as I delight in the realness of real.  Joy comes in a box, wrapped with ribbons of love, from warm and tender hearts. 

Those who are name Joy, are unusual, and uniquely unique in special ways.
Joy has truly come, let us be glad and rejoice…

Dr. “G”