After The Vows

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                        As I take your hand,
                                                        life is so very grand ;
                                                        we will walk through life,
                                                        as husband and wife;
                                                        forever I will love you,
                                                        sure as skies above you ;
                                                        everything that I do,
                                                        will be to please you ;
                                                        for as long as we live ,
                                                        you'll get every kiss I give ;
                                                        my life will be only yours ,
                                                        as we while away the hours ;
                                                        each night I will caress ,
                                                        away your days stress ;
                                                        I will kiss your sweet lips ,
                                                        and tender finger tips ;
                                                        I will hold you forever
                                                        and release you never.