It Is Written Chapter One Verses Six To Nine

Written by: Tom Higgins

Agriculture now became widespread,
and meant that many more could be fed,
much time for many was now freed,
so towns grew larger, and so the need,
for new things that now could be made,
so with food surplus, came growth in trade,
as goods manufacture added worth,
sold to townsfolk who did not till the earth.

As trading increased with other tribes,
there grew a need for new ways to inscribe,
the dealings that took place each day,
to make sure buyers did the sellers pay.
This led to development from pictorial depiction,
to the earliest forms of inscription,
stone and clay tablets were at first employed,
and the new middle classes now enjoyed,
the great advances these changes brought,
as written language could now be taught.

Then tribal history, once passed paternally,
could now be written, and shared with all, eternally,
and legends from the peoples darkest past,
could be written in stone or clay, to last,
down through the ages they could now be read,
long after the ones who wrote these words, were dead.

This has meant that in our so called modern times,
we have seen the commission of unspeakable crimes,
because generations of 'scholars'have read ancient scrolls,
and accepted as literal truth, what there unfolds,
instead of understanding these often called 'glories',
are merely the retelling of tribal camp fire stories.