Angry Old Man

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                  I really look dumb,
                                                   my hands so numb;
                                                  my legs are in pain,
                                                  that goes to my brain;
                                                  my arms really ache,
                                                  as each breath I take;
                                                  my heart skips a beat,
                                                  neuropathy kills my feet;
                                                  take 32 varied pills a day,
                                                  but the pain wont go away;
                                                  my eyes are both blurred,
                                                  my ears haven't heard;
                                                  my stomach is bloated,
                                                  my intestines are coated;
                                                  my cholesterol is peaked,
                                                  triglycerides are freaked;
                                                  but it's my old age,
                                                  that gives me my rage.